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Why The Dignity of Black Lives is Vastly More Important than a Brand or cultural icon.

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By Jordan Hopkins

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I do not normally post on the weekends, so I promise to keep this short. (-:

B&G Foods, the company behind Cream of Wheat, is "reviewing" their branding completely. They don't want to add to "systematic racism" by adding to racist stereotypes.

(Here’s a snapshot of the original Cream of Wheat logo…)

So, bravo to B&G Foods for being thoughtful!

But not everyone feels this way. I was shocked to find many angered and disgusted that we'd change a piece of American culture.

But what's more important? Maintaining our vision of America or protecting the dignity of others?

In a post on my main blog, I explored the history behind the logo, my response to the outrage, and Jesus's response to loving our neighbors.

Since you guys experienced a whole series on the Good Samaritan with me, I wanted to share this post with you as well.

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